WMD – Week of July 31

July 31, 2017 Chris Wren 0 Comments

WMD July 31

The next Mind blowing installment of THE WEEKLY MIND DUMP!!!! (insert techno-ey reverb and echo)  The week of July 31, 2017!  So what wild and imaginative stuff do we have this week?

Kilt Sale

Yup.  I’m mentioning this again.  Head over to our store to find our hybrid kilts, standard 8 yard kilts, women’s skirts, kids kilts, and other accessories.  This won’t be going on much longer.  Get them now while you can.




Kilts in the news

Got to love when kilts get good news coverage.  A story from Pittsburgh shares a tale about Richard  Greenberg.  This is a guy who needs to be in the TKS.  It started by seeing a guy in a kilt in Radio Shack one day, and after that he was hooked.  I love his quote in the article, “Why kilts? ‘The only answer I have is because I can’.” Head on over to read the full article.  And if you happen to know this guy, invite him to join the TKS.

If you happen to come across any kilties in the news, share the link with us via our contact us page!

Upcoming events

Yeah, I’m still pimpin’ this.  It is a big one for kilties!  We are nearing our annual trek to DRAGONCON!!!  The annual gathering of geeks, nerds, kilties, yahoos, and everyone else.  I hope you are excited!  Labor Day Weekend in Atlanta Georgia!  Gather your kilts and come join the fun.  And be careful of the lady with the leaf blower.  You think I’m kidding.

Great news!

A member of the TKS is a new father!  One of our members in Dothan is celebrating the birth of his daughter.  She came in at 20″ and 6 pounds and some change.  We are all excited for him as his family grows and his little girl will begin to wrap his kilted ass around her little finger.


If you have any great news to share, head over to our contact us page and let us know!

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