WMD – Week of July 10

July 10, 2017 Chris Wren 0 Comments

WMD July 10

Yup it is time for the weekly installment of “What will fall out of this gourd”.  The week of July 10, 2017!  Holy cow.  July already?

Kilt Sale

Yup.  I’m mentioning this again.  Head over to our store to find our hybrid kilts, standard 8 yard kilts, women’s skirts, kids kilts, and other accessories.  This won’t be going on much longer.  Get them now while you can.

Kilt in the News

Kilted Window Washers
Kilted Window Washers

While not in the US, this is a good bit of kilted new.  In Windsor, a group of guys have started a business as kilted window washers, and seem to be doing a good job at it.  You can read the article here, where Mary Canton discusses this new idea.  Got to love guys who bring in a new way to drum up business!  Good job guys!  This is a good thing.  Good kilted news, not like the drunk guy last week.

The Kiltie Code

If you haven’t yet, go take a look at our Kiltie Code.  The code by which all kilties should adhere.  Following this code will bring enlightenment and wonders and riches into your world.  Ok, maybe not riches, but it is a nice way to live.

General ramblings.

Why am I doing this?  That stupid SEO green light at the bottom of this page.  Apparently I don’t have enough words on this page to make it go green.  So I have to ramble to fill it up.  And while I am rambling about this, you never really know how annoying those little “SEO lights” are until they just sit there and mock you.  Oh look.  You aren’t good enough to have a green lights, you just get a yellow light.  Oh come on!  But a good friend told me how to handle this.  Sit down, write the post, have a beer, then have a shot, or 2, maybe the bottle, and move on.  Oh wait.  there it goes.  OK, I’m good now.

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