WMD – Oct 16 – K9 Kilted Cop follow up

October 16, 2017 Chris Wren 0 Comments

WMD Oct 16

Welcome kiddos to the next Mind blowing installment of THE WEEKLY MIND DUMP!!!!  The week of Oct 16, 2017!   As you may have noticed, I have updated the title some.  I realized that after posting for a while, it got tricky to know what the post was about.  So hopefully this new method will help people to know what is going on.  I may go back and fix the old one, but I doubt it.

Wow, it looks like I am finally back on track!  Feels good.

TKS Store

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Kilt bet goes high dollar

A few posts back, I posted the news article about the New Richmond WI Police chief making a bet that if they raised the $50,000 for their K-9 unit, he would wear a kilt.

Well I have followed up on this.  Great News!  They made their goal.  So, I have spoken with the department’s POC (Point of Contact), Lt. Koehler, and this is what she informed me:

Have you made your goal yet?
Yes, we met our goal in July

Are you still taking donations?
Yes, we are still building the program so that it is a success for many years to come.

Where can someone donate?
The New Richmond Area Community Foundation is accepting the donations on behalf of the department. (see below)

Has the chief worn his kilt?
Yes, he wore the kilt as promised for one week of work and a special event, which was our parade for Fun Fest our local festival.

What type of kilt is it?
He wore a stone colored 5.11 Tactical kilt

What did the chief think of being in a kilt for a week?  Does he plan to continue to wear the kilt?
I think that he enjoyed wearing it.  It was hot that week which he appreciated having the kilt to stay cooler. I think that he plans to wear it again, perhaps there will be a new bet that will get him back into it!

Has the chief been converted to a “kiltie”?
He is wearing regular uniform pants, but I think that he would wear it for special occasions in the future.

The K9 will arrive in Jan/Feb of 2018 and the handler is excited to be going to training with him in March of 2018.  The bet that the chief made, helped to promote the K9 and after he wore the kilt we received additional donations

The Department will continue to take donations to help keep funding the program.  Donations can be made by contacting the New Richmond WI Police Dept at (715) 246-6667 or online at http://nracfoundation.com/make-a-gift/, please put “NRPD K-9 Fund” in the memo.

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Stupid SEO

Every post I do has this little SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rating.  Supposed to make the webpage better.  Well you have seen me complain about it before and every one of these posts that little SEO light complains that there isn’t a picture in the post.  Well fine!  Here’s a chicken!


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