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July 3, 2017 Chris Wren 0 Comments

Time for another weekly mind dump (WMD)

Yeppers.  Another thrilling installment of the Weekly Mind Dump from the TKS.  I have to laugh, looking back at the title, the initials of this little endeavor is WMD.  Weapons of Mass Destruction.  Or my personal favorite, Weapons of Mass Distraction.  We all know the former, but that latter can be all sorts of fun.

Weapons of Mass Distraction

But what does that have to do with kilts?  Really not much, but I’m gonna shoe horn it in here.  Weapons of Mass Distraction?  Come on.  Every guy has this, and being in a kilt just makes it easy access.  But I digress.

kilted WMD
kilted Weapons of Mass Distraction

Kilt sale

You guessed it.  I am still plugging this.  Why you ask?  Well the sale is still going on and I don’t want anyone to miss out.

Kilts in the News

Well looking though the news for interesting events in kilts, I find one.  Oh boy did I find one.  Apparently, there was this guy in a kilt who was on a roof top.  So here is what the story says.  A 300 pound guy, in a kilt, decides to climb on a rooftop with a bunch of tactical stuff, and threaten people.  All this over a political “disagreement”.

Let’s look at this.  Come on!  Really?  You are going to get so pissed (US terminology, not UK) that you decide to go tactical up over someone going “I don’t like your idea.”  Oh please.  This would have been bad enough, but now ol’ boy here had to do it in a kilt.  Great way to help the cause there buddy.  Luckily there are so many more well behaved kilties out there to try and keep our name clean.  And on another point.  Dude weighed in at 3 bills.  Big boy.  How the HELL did he get on the roof?  But that is not germane to our discussion here.  So, in closing on this, kilt on, be safe, and don’t get pissed (US vernacular, not UK) and go all King Kong up a building in a kilt.  Remember, kids might be below you and that could scar them for life.

In closing

Yeah, sounds all formal doesn’t it?  “in closing, ladies and gentlemen of the jury”…..yeah, not like I haven’t heard that before.  But digress I do.  Enjoy life, have fun, kilt on, and live life.  Share any comments, or pics with us.  Let us know how life is treating you.

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