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June 4, 2018 Chris Wren 0 Comments

WMD’s June 4

That’s right!  It’s that time of year again.  The annual TKS kilt sale.  This year we have added a lot more options to our stock!  So head on over to the store and check out which kilt is best for you.

These are just some of the items we have.  Now, there are a variance of tartans shown, but everything comes in the TKS tartan only.

Questions or comments

I started asking last week about letters, and as usual, I’m gonna keep on it.  If you happen to have a question about the TKS, kilting, rules and etiquette, drop us a line.  We’ll be happy to answer it here.  We can start having a “Kilt Talk” section…or a mailbag section.  Yeah I’m remembering back to the days of CarTalk.  They had some GREAT questions and letters.  Anyone remember the “Andy Scale”?  We need that.

So, if you have a question or comment, shoot it to us at chris@twistedkiltsociety.org or use our contact us page.

Upcoming Games

Since many of us are games aficionados (yeah, really trying to put that dictionary to good use that I got for Christmas), I am going to try and list upcoming Highland Games.  So if you know of a game, share the date with us and we will post it here.

06/09-10/18, Blairsville Scottish Festival & Highland Games – Blairsville, GA
06/16/18, Mid-Maryland Celtic Festival – Mt Airy, MD

For a list, check out the Association of Scottish Gamasgf.org

es & Festivals at their website.


Want to throw?

Many of us #kilties start out wondering just how does one enter in the realm of Highland games?  Well there are many ways, but the best is to find a group of guys and start training with them.  And as such, may I suggest checking out Facebook.  This group, the Celtic Strong Throwing Team, happens to be a group of friends that train in south Florida.  Go check out their Facebook group and search for other groups near you.

What are the events?

Ah, the actual athletics.  Well, there are 6 basic events.  A detailed listing can be found at the Southeast Alabama Highland Games webpage.  Go there and check out the athletics section.  But the short answer is:  caber toss, sheaf toss, Weight for distance, Weight for height, hammer throw, and stone throw.  You have to compete in all 6 to have a chance of taking Games Champion.

Kilts in the News

The big news this week is the shop!  It is open now.  Tell your friends, tell your wives, tell your significant others, tell everyone!  Go find the items just for you.  We have fly plaids, piper’s sashes, 5 different style kilts, ladies skirts, just a large collection of cool stuff.

If you come across any kilt worthy news we need to share, shoot it on over to us atchris@twistedkiltsociety.org or use our contact us page.

Dae ye talk Scots?

Time for this week’s installment of Scottish Slang!  This week, “baltic.  Not that we should need this one around this time, but it means cold.  An example would be outside in the winter, you turn to your buddy and say “Aye mate, it’s bloody baltic out here.  Let’s go inside.”  Or you can use it when referring to the lassies in the office who keep the air conditioner at 50 degrees because they are afraid of a heat flash.

TKS Store

Get your very own TKS gear here!  We have shirts, phone cases, all sorts of other items to choose from.  Go check it out.  It is  at https://shop.spreadshirt.com/TwistedKiltSociety/


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