WMD – Apr 2 – Bama Kilt, or more important, Team Colors Kilt?

April 2, 2018 Chris Wren 0 Comments

WMD’s Apr 2

I promised I’d change up and not be lazy anymore.  Here I go changing it up.  For tis the week of Apr 2, 2018!  And this week’s Weekly Mind dump starts……………………………NOW!!!


Questions or comments

I started asking last week about letters, and as usual, I’m gonna keep on it.  If you happen to have a question about the TKS, kilting, rules and etiquette, drop us a line.  We’ll be happy to answer it here.  We can start having a “Kilt Talk” section…or a mailbag section.  Yeah I’m remembering back to the days of CarTalk.  They had some GREAT questions and letters.  Anyone remember the “Andy Scale”?  We need that.

So, if you have a question or comment, shoot it to us at chris@twistedkiltsociety.org or use our contact us page.


Upcoming Games

Since many of us are games aficionados (yeah, really trying to put that dictionary to good use that I got for Christmas), I am going to try and list upcoming Highland Games.  So if you know of a game, share the date with us and we will post it here.

04/20-22/18, Loch Norman Highland Games – Huntersville, NC
05/18-20/18, Smokey Mountain Scottish Festival – Maryville, TN
05/19-20/18, Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival – Albuquerque, NM
05/19/18, Fairhill Scottish Games – Newark, DE

For a list, check out the Association of Scottish Gamasgf.org

es & Festivals at their website.


Want to throw?

Many of us #kilties start out wondering just how does one enter in the realm of Highland games?  Well there are many ways, but the best is to find a group of guys and start training with them.  And as such, may I suggest checking out Facebook.  This group, the Celtic Strong Throwing Team, happens to be a group of friends that train in south Florida.  Go check out their Facebook group and search for other groups near you.

What are the events?

Ah, the actual athletics.  Well, there are 6 basic events.  A detailed listing can be found at the Southeast Alabama Highland Games webpage.  Go there and check out the athletics section.  But the short answer is:  caber toss, sheaf toss, Weight for distance, Weight for height, hammer throw, and stone throw.  You have to compete in all 6 to have a chance of taking Games Champion.

Kilts in the News

Still pimpin’ the upcoming TKS kilt sale, but got to share this.

Now me, I’m not a University of Alabama (aka Bama) fan.  Just don’t like the team.  Call me cynical, call me a hater.  Call me what you want, just don’t call me late for dinner…or payday.  But Angry Bastard Kilts has made a “Bama” kilt.  Now, let me qualify this.  It is not a “Fully licensed, University of Alabama sanctioned” kilt.  What it is, they took the Hybrid design and did the outer with hounds-tooth.  Then the inner is done with crimson (or really probably just red).

Either way, this thing LOOKS like a Bama kilt.  The kilt can be found on their website, here, and here is the nice thing.  Use promo code AngryBK for 15% off the kilt.  Now I just need to talk them into team colors.  Blue & Orange for Auburn, Garnet and Gold for FSU, Maroon & White for Mississippi State, I mean come on, they could have a whole “unofficial” line here of team color kilts!!!  This could be big for them.

I’ll be nice and post a pic of the Bama kilt here.

You have to admit, these guys STEP IT UP!  Plus the name is just TOO COOL!!!!  Angry Bastard Kilts!  I love it!

BUT!!! For those of you “Anti-Bammers” that want a kilt for your team, but it ain’t Bama, they have a deal for you as well!  Check out their Hooligan Sport Team model!  This takes it and puts it where it needs to be for the rest of us.  Want an FSU kilt?  No worries.  Select your colors and you are good to go.  Arizona State?  Easy!  Texas A&M?  Come on, make it a challenge!  Mississippi State?  Done!  This is their color chart for your customization.

If you come across any kilt worthy news we need to share, shoot it on over to us atchris@twistedkiltsociety.org or use our contact us page.

Dae ye talk Scots?

Time for this week’s installment of Scottish Slang!  This week, “mingin'” .  It comes from the Scots verb ming, meaning to give off such a strong and unpleasant smell that it makes you want to hold your nose.  Usually this refers to a piece of meat way past it’s sell by date or some foul smelling laundry.  Usage is generally something along the line of “Aye, mate!  That trash be mingin’!”  This has crept into English (UK) slang as well.  Now down south in England, it generally means of poor quality.

What I really find funny, my son watches a show on Netflix called “Little Lunch”.  It is a kids show out of Australia about a bunch of elementary school kids (about grade 4 or 5).  One of the kids uses “mingle” as his “cuss word” when he gets in trouble.  Interesting to see how the languages evolve and drift as cultures are spread and separated.

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