Mind Dump – Cheap Plugs and kilted super heroes

June 26, 2017 Chris Wren 0 Comments

Cheap Plugs

Why more cheap plugs?  Cuz I can.  I’m typing this, and you are nice enough to be reading it.  Thank you.  What is this cheap plug?  I dunno.  Just felt like putting this in here.  OK, the real reason, there is this SEO checker that I run, and if I don’t type enough it is all red lights, and I don’t like red lights, so I am just putting this in here.

 Our annual Kilt sale

OK, so a blog post about our kilt sale is kinda self serving.  I admit it, but I want to make sure everyone is aware of it.  With all the repost to here and cross over there, it will let everyone know.  That and I am hoping that people will share this.  Why?  More eyes.  So, my shameful plug for the kilt sale is right here.

Website Updates

We added the legal disclaimer to the website.  Please make sure you are fully familiar with the legal disclaimer, because my lawyer said I had to do it.

Kilt fun!

Real kilt news.  There really isn’t any “Kilt in the News” events this past week.  Not like a couple of years ago when Scotland put out an official decree of “Wear what ye want under ya kilt.  We dunnae give a shite.”  Plus we haven’t had a masked kilted hero swoop in to a burning building an save a hoard of teenaged tarantulas.  Yeah, think about that.  I thought about using kittens as an example, but everyone likes kittens.  Spiders are a special breed.  But I digress.  For those of you shuddering at the thought above, just think of puppy monkey baby and you will be fine.  Don’t know what puppy monkey baby is?  Check him out here.   Maybe someone will be kilted in the news.  Share it with us if you see a guy.  But don’t go doing something stupid.

Enough rambling for this week.  Stay tuned, same kilt time, same kilt channel for next week’s installment of the Mind Dump.

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