Newly redesigned and totally awesome website

June 21, 2017 Chris Wren 0 Comments

The Newly Revamped, Reworked, Redid totally awesome TKS Website!

Well, after many nights of pulling my hair out, I succumbed to the head smashing of a good friend to revamp the website in a “more standard” scheme.  Translation:  Stop coding in PHP and get lazy and use WP.  So I did.  The only reason?  The shopping cart.  Yup.  I needed an easy way to make a shopping cart for all the cool TKS stuff.

The new site is laid out to help give more information about the Twisted Kilts.  There is a page showing our clans spread across the globe, and if everyone says what they say they are gonna do, that map will grow (yay map!!)

The new and secure shop listed, but this will be a seasonal item.  We can’t keep it up year round right now, but hopefully in the future we can.  Only time will tell.

We have also added out TKS Kiltie Code giving ideals about how Kilties should conduct themselves to enhance the kilt ideology.  Go check it out.  Hopefully you’ll get a laugh.  Don’t read this as “These are the rules as handed down by Odin”.  Nah, just a series of “golden rules” is all.

You can also check out the About Us page as well as learn the story behind our crest and tartan.  Yes there is a funny story about the tartan, and every true TKS kiltie should know it.

But I have changed over (KT, I still hate you…lol)  and everything seems to be going smooth.  My goal here is to try and make a weekly post about something about the TKS, Kilting, news about kilting, or just whatever is blowing me skirt up this week.  So sit back, enjoy the ride, and come and see what idiocracy we come up with.

I just am having fun now

Now this last paragraph has ABSOLUTELY no real meaning what-so-ever other than the fact that I have an SEO optimizer running and it is yelling at me to put more crap in here so I get over a certain threshold.  I don’t know why I’m listening to it, but hey, if adding this little paragraph gets me from little yellow, orange, and red dots to green dots, ramble I shall do!

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