Our Crest


The TKS crest was created as a way for us to identify our group. In a mass of clans, the 2 major identifiers are the tartan (plaid pattern) and the crest.

So in order for clans to identify us, we developed our own crest. The general layout is the standard layout for most clan crests. The circle belt with the buckle, the center “logo” (for lack of a better term), and the clan’s motto. We chose to just list the name of the Society for our standard crest. We used the ornate belt and buckle, well just because we liked it.

In another variant of the crest, you will see the same belt, but the motto has changed to “Sanctum Nhil.” This (loosely translated) means “Nothing is Sacred.” While we are not stepping on anyone’s toes or beliefs, it is our way of saying “We are here for fun. Live and laugh with us.”

Now the center “logo” comes from the founding members. The group started as a “drinking buddy” group that met at the local Pub, McLeod’s Publick House. So the pint was the first thought for the center. Now, we are well aware that Guinness is Irish and Kilts are Scottish, but hey, this is our crest.

So the meaning behind the crest is the origins of the group (a social group), the fact that we love to laugh, and a really cool looking belt.


The TKS tartan is the plaid pattern you see in the background. The tartan was a way for people to quickly identify members of their own clan as well as members of other clans. The tartan shown here was developed by Atticus Wise (a TKS member) using the tartans of the 2 founding members of the society (based on Clan Carmichael and Clan Scott). Funny thing to remember about this tartan, it was developed by a person who is color blind. That is just how the TKS rolls.