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About the TKS CrestABOUT US

The Twisted Kilt Society is proud to be hosting the Southeast Alabama Highland Games. But many have asked what is the Society about.

Well, the TKS is a collection of individuals who enjoy comradery and kilts. This all began in January of 2012.  A couple of friends started a group on Facebook to encourage a friend to wear his kilt in public. What began jokingly as three guys meeting around the city for dinner began to grow as more and more guys proclaimed they had kilts and wanted to join in. With each outing, more people became aware of the group and began to join on Facebook.

When the TKS began, it was a fun time to all those who joined in. To the founders, it was just a fun way to get together. It has grown from a group of locals since those first meetings in Dothan, Alabama, and has expanded into a multi-state, as well as international organization spanning multiple continents, that enjoys a good pint down at the pub. We all enjoy fun and frivolity, and as the name suggests, gatherings are “no pants allowed” (now any knuckle-head that shows up seriously not wearing ANY bottoms, well, we get to point and laugh). Just a lazy excuse for us to get together and wear our kilts out and about.

Membership to the TKS is simple. There are no dues, no required meetings, no “probationary period.” All that is needed is a kilt, wear it out and about, join in on the Facebook page (found here), and enjoy life.

One thing to keep in mind about the TKS, we enjoy a good time, and don’t take much seriously. It is all about fun and friendship. We live, we love, and we laugh.