WMD – Week of Sept 25

September 25, 2017 Chris Wren 0 Comments

WMD Sept 25

Welcome kiddos to the next Mind blowing installment of THE WEEKLY MIND DUMP!!!!  The week of Sept 25, 2017!  This week we have another VERY informative article by Rev Hernandez, and just some general comments.  Don’t want to overload you too much.

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Words about proper kilt attire

This week we have another AWESOMELY written article by fellow TKS member Rev. E.A. Hernandez

Kilted men and dreamers alike can get lost in the primary details of good kilt style and fit.  It’s painfully obvious that the average man cannot measure himself, because most average men can barely dress themselves, and we all know that a good kilt is the measure of the man. Assuming your spouse won’t murder you for even thinking about a kilt, in which case; let’s address those FAQs that are never answered.

I’ve seen a few ridiculous techniques for establishing kilt length. A trade standard is 22.5″, normally rendered at 23″- but the kilt has to be longer in the back, so live with it. A good kilt maker knows how to avoid the “dope slope”, which is the peacock tail effect that happens when you move in a too-short kilt. Think of it backwardly: would you like a kilt popping up in front all the time?  Heaven forefend! There’s no such thing as a rear kilt pin….

Your waist is where your belly button is- don’t argue. You know it’s true but instead you use your hips as a measurement because they’ll be close to what they measured in high school. But your hips are not your waist, and a kilt is worn at the waist. Kilts are not pants, and we all seem to forget that only when it comes to measurements.  Try to think of a cone-shaped “skirt” encircling a cylindrical pillar; that’s approximately what a kilted man is. (Usually it’s a fat pillar.)

Do you want that to look graceful, manly and well kilted? Then get your measurements right. Ask a kilt maker to help. Con him into thinking you belong to a big American kilted fraternity and that you’re THINKING of buying your kilts from him. It sounds devious, I know. Needs must, men, needs must! By the way, as to tartan, choose what you damn well please. There are no rules as long as you’re not infringing a copyright.

A “utility” kilt is far better than a woolly mammoth tartan kilt, as far as I’m concerned. A utility kilt is so beautifully like a pair of jeans around the waist, washes and dries easily, and I doubt anyone would dare to criticize if you wear one formally. I know a lot of ministers who wear black utility kilts all the time. I think a part of the allure is the lack of tartan- no dreaded justifications and no prodding about which Clan tartan you’re wearing. Just blissful black.

Next time, possibly, I’ll tell you all about kilt hose. Then again, if you imagine ladies half-hose in dreadful thick wool, you know what kilt hose really are. In fact, just get cotton knee-highs.

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