While the TKS doesn’t have a “clubhouse”, we do have our own little slice of home. Here it is.  The digital TKS home.  This is where to find out all about us, and upcoming events.


The TKS is a collection of individuals who enjoy comradery and kilts. This all began in January of 2012.  A couple of friends started a group on Facebook to encourage a friend to wear his kilt in public. What began jokingly as three guys meeting around the city for dinner began to grow as more and more guys proclaimed they had kilts and wanted to join in. With each outing, more people became aware of the group and began to join on Facebook.

TKS Crest and Tartan

Want to join?

If you want to join a group of people who enjoy kilted life and good time, come on over to our Facebook group and join the discussion.


We try every week to update our blog with just general posts about life, kilts, and fun.

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