The Twisted Kilt Society – TKS Home

The Digital TKS Home

While the TKS doesn’t have a “clubhouse”, we do have our own little slice of home. Here it is.  The digital TKS home.  This is where to find out all about us, upcoming events, even check out or online store.

The Physical TKS Home

When it is time for an adult gathering (that means 21+ you twit, not THAT kind of “adult”) we meet at McLeod’s Publick House on Hwy 84 W in Dothan AL.  This is our physical home and origin for the Twisted Kilt Society.  Our home away from home, our pub de jour.  Watt, why did I just shift to french?  We aren’t French!  We’re SCOTTISH!  Or at least Scottish based.  So where was I?  Oh yeah, the pub.


Don’t think the Twisted Kilt Society is just about having a pint down at the pub.  Many of our members have kids and we do family events as well. We have family nights where all the members and families get together for dinner and a good time. Kids are ALWAYS welcome and encouraged to come to these events.  We want our children to see the fun that the Society has and want to be a part of this in the future.


Rules? Who needs rules! Oh wait, we do. Ok rules:

  1. Own a kilt.
  2. Wear said kilt (in public).
  3. Come join us.

See? Easy. No dues, no “mandatory meetings” just a good time.  But feel free to go and check out our Kiltie Code.

Join Us

Best way to join in the conversation is to join the Facebook Group. We can be found under “Twisted Kilt Society” there as well. Or just click the little Facebook logo at the bottom of the page.  Membership has no age restriction.  Anyone can join in.  Men, women, kids, hell, if your dog sports a tartan, bring him on in!